How Much is a Porsche 356 Worth?

Hello there, fellow car enthusiasts! If you’re a big fan of vintage cars, then you’ve definitely heard of the Porsche 356. This iconic sports car was first introduced in the 1940s and quickly became a beloved classic in the world of automobiles. But have you ever wondered how much a Porsche 356 is worth these days?

Well, the answer is a bit complicated. The value of a Porsche 356 depends on many factors, including the car’s condition, age, rarity, and history. Whether you’re a prospective buyer or simply curious about the current market prices, this article will provide you with a comprehensive guide to Porsche 356 valuation. So buckle up – we’re about to take a ride through the fascinating world of vintage Porsches!

Overview of Porsche 356

Porsche 356 is a classic sports car that is recognized for its unique design and legacy in the automotive industry. This car was first produced in the 1940s and has undergone several changes over the years to become the iconic car that it is today. Featuring a distinct design, the Porsche 356 has won numerous awards for its timeless beauty and impressive engineering.

History of Porsche 356

The Porsche 356 has an interesting history that is worth exploring. The car was first produced by Ferdinand Porsche in 1948, and it quickly became popular around the world. The car features a rear-mounted engine, which was a design innovation during that time. It was produced until the early 1960s, and during this time, several improvements were made to the car’s design and performance. The car has competed in various motorsports events, and it has established itself as a reliable and speedy sports car. Today, the Porsche 356 is considered a classic car, and it is a valuable asset for collectors and lovers of vintage cars.

Variants of Porsche 356

Over the years, several variants of the Porsche 356 were produced to cater to the needs and preferences of different drivers. The Porsche 356 Speedster is the most famous variant, and it is renowned for its minimalist design and impressive performance. The Coupe variant is also popular among Porsche enthusiasts and has a more luxurious and spacious interior. The Cabriolet variant features a convertible top, which adds to the car’s appeal and versatility. Overall, the variants of the Porsche 356 are unique in their own right and have contributed to the car’s legacy as a classic sports car.

Appreciation of Porsche 356

The Porsche 356 has a dedicated fan base, and it is one of the most sought-after classic cars in the world. The car’s timeless design and impressive engineering have earned it a place in the hearts of many car enthusiasts. Collectors are willing to pay top dollar to acquire a well-maintained Porsche 356, and it has become a symbol of prestige and luxury. The car’s value has skyrocketed over the years, and it is expected to continue to do so in the future. Porsche 356 has been featured in various movies and TV shows, and it is widely recognized as a cultural icon. Overall, the appreciation for the Porsche 356 is well-deserved, and it is a testament to the car’s enduring legacy and significance.

Factors that Affect Porsche 356’s Value

The Porsche 356 is one of the most iconic sports cars ever created. With its timeless design and great performance, it’s no wonder why collectors are willing to pay top dollar for a well-preserved example. However, several factors can affect the value of a Porsche 356. Let’s take a closer look at some of these factors.


Low-mileage Porsche 356 models tend to be more desirable to collectors than high-mileage models. This is because these cars are seen as more original and closer to their factory condition. Every mile that a car travels can cause wear and tear on its mechanical and cosmetic components. Collectors want to own cars that have been loved, preserved, and are ready for their next journey.

There is no set mileage figure that determines the value of a Porsche 356. Factors like driving conditions, maintenance history, and storage practices can influence mileage’s impact on the car’s value. Nevertheless, the lower the mileage, the more valuable the Porsche 356 tends to be. Cars with fewer than 50,000 original miles and documented mileage can command top dollar.


The condition is the most critical factor in determining the value of Porsche 356. A car’s condition involves its exterior, interior, mechanical and electrical components and paintwork. The better the condition of a Porsche 356, the higher its value. Collectors are willing to pay more for a car that is original and has mostly factory-correct parts.

A rust-free body, a flawless paint job, and an immaculate interior are all elements that can add significant value to a Porsche 356. Originality is key but so is the attention to detail in the restoration. Sometimes, small details are critical to a car’s authenticity, like the correct engine components, knobs, and switches.


Maintaining a Porsche 356’s originality is vital for many collectors. Generally, a classic car’s value is highest in its original, factory-correct condition. This means that vehicles that have never undergone significant changes, or that have been restored to a very high standard of originality, can command a premium. Even so, most Porsche 356 cars have had some restorations, but staying true to the original specifications is critical to maintaining its value.

Restored Porsche 356 models may not fetch as high a price as those that are still in the original condition. However, if the restoration is of high quality, the car can still command a good price. All parts should look period correct, and every detail needs to be scrutinized and restored accordingly, so the car still looks like it just came off the factory.

The Big Picture

These three factors are critical when determining the value of a Porsche 356. While other factors, such as rarity and history, can play a part, they won’t matter if the car is in poor condition or has high mileage or no originality. Always note that car values are fluid and can change over time. With patience and careful planning, you can find an excellent example of a Porsche 356 that will appreciate over time or that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Past Porsche 356 Auction Results

Bonhams Goodwood Revival Sale, 2019

The Bonhams Goodwood Revival Sale, which took place in 2019, saw a Porsche 356A 1600 Speedster sell for an impressive £306,000. The Porsche 356A remains a classic car that is highly valued for its unique design, exceptional speed, and great performance. It is no surprise that this beautiful car sold for such a high price, as it is a true work of art that is sought after by many Porsche enthusiasts.

RM Sotheby’s, London, 2018

Another notable sale took place at the RM Sotheby’s auction in London in 2018. A 1958 Porsche 356A 1600 T2 Speedster was sold for an impressive price of £320,625. This sale further emphasizes the attractiveness of the Porsche 356A, as well as the great value these cars hold in today’s market.

Gooding & Co.’s Pebble Beach Auction, 2017

Perhaps the most notable sale of a Porsche 356A occurred at the Gooding & Co.’s Pebble Beach Auction in 2017. A rare 1957 Porsche 356A 1600 GT Carrera Speedster sold for an astounding $1.54 million. This car was in exceptional condition, with a beautiful design and remarkable performance, making it a true masterpiece of engineering and design.

In conclusion, the Porsche 356A is a classic car that is highly valued in today’s market. The cars are known for their exceptional performance, unique design, and great value. The recent sales at the Bonhams Goodwood Revival Sale, RM Sotheby’s, and Gooding & Co.’s Pebble Beach Auction are a testament to the great value these cars hold and the appeal they have to car enthusiasts around the world. Owning a Porsche 356A is truly a thing of beauty and an accomplishment that any car enthusiast would be proud of.

Porsche 356 Market Trends

Since its production in the 1940s and 1950s, the Porsche 356 has captured the hearts of car enthusiasts all over the world with its unique and classic design. With its timeless appeal and incomparable performance, it is no wonder that the value of Porsche 356 continues to rise significantly over the past decade.

Rising Value of Porsche 356

The Porsche 356 is one of the most sought-after classic cars in the market today, with some models commanding prices that range from a few hundred thousand to several millions of dollars per unit. In particular, the rarest models such as the Porsche 356 Speedster, 356 Carrera, and 356 A 1600 Super have the most significant value increase over the years. The Porsche 356 Speedster sold for $500,000 in 2015 and reached staggering $2.9 million in 2019, reflecting its growing value over the years.

Growing Demand for Porsche 356

The increasing demand for vintage cars, especially classic Porsche models, has had a significant impact on the rising value of Porsche 356. With car collectors and enthusiasts’ growing interest worldwide, the market for classic Porsches has become more dynamic, and prices have continued to soar. Many collectors now view vintage cars such as Porsche 356 as an investment, leading to a surge in demand and interest in the market.

Future Value of Porsche 356

Experts predict that the value of Porsche 356 will continue to rise steadily, especially for rare and original models. With its iconic design and reputation for high performance and reliability, Porsche 356 will remain in high demand, which will cause its value to escalate even further in the future. While the value of Porsche 356 will fluctuate with changes in the market and preferences of collectors, it will not diminish its status as one of the most iconic vintage cars in history.

In conclusion, the Porsche 356 is not just a car but an investment. With its unique and exceptional style, this car is a timeless classic that is sure to increase in value over time. While the appeal and demand for classic Porsche models will continue to surge in the future, only the rarest and original Porsche 356 will command the highest value in the market and maintain its status as a prized possession.

Where to Buy Porsche 356

One of the most iconic classic cars in history, the Porsche 356, has been the focus of collectors and enthusiasts for generations. With its elegant and retro design, this vehicle is a symbol of style and timeless beauty, and it remains highly sought after by car collectors and enthusiasts. If you are interested in purchasing a Porsche 356, there are a few options to consider.

Specialized Dealerships

Specialized dealerships that specialize in selling Porsche 356 are a popular option for those in the market for this impressive vehicle. These dealerships have a vast inventory of classic Porsches that range from well-preserved original models to restored vehicles. They have the expertise to offer invaluable advice about the condition of the cars, and they can assist in choosing the right one for your needs and budget. Additionally, these dealerships are a great resource if you’re looking to sell your 356.

Online Auctions

Online auctions, such as eBay and Bring A Trailer, offer a wide variety of Porsche 356 models. In fact, these sites are some of the most popular online platforms for classic car enthusiasts. You can find anything from rare and pristine examples to vehicles that are in need of restoration. While purchasing a car online can be tricky, the process can be made simpler by doing your research and choosing a reliable seller.

Private Sales

Private sales can be an option, but it is important to do thorough research and verification before buying. When considering a private sale, ensure that the car has been serviced properly, and ask for documentation that shows its service record. Check the vehicle identification number (VIN) to make sure the car you’re interested in buying is the exact one you’re purchasing. Private sales can be a great way to purchase a Porsche 356 at a lower price, but it comes with a more significant risk, so make sure to proceed with caution.

Conclusion: Finding the Value of a Porsche 356

Now that you know how much a Porsche 356 is worth, it’s important to remember that the value can fluctuate based on a variety of factors. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, it’s crucial to do your research, consult with experts, and be realistic about your expectations. Understanding the market, the condition of the car, and the history behind it can all impact the final price. Ultimately, the Porsche 356 remains an iconic and beloved classic car, and its value will continue to reflect that for generations to come. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back for more updates and insights on the world of classic cars!


1. How much is a Porsche 356 worth?
– It can vary depending on the model, year, condition, and other factors, but it can range anywhere from $50,000 to over $1 million.

2. What is the most valuable Porsche 356?
– The most valuable Porsche 356 is the 1964 Porsche 356C 1600 SC Cabriolet, which sold for $1.76 million at auction in 2019.

3. What is the difference between a Porsche 356A, 356B, and 356C?
– These letters denote the different generations of the Porsche 356, which were produced from 1950 to 1965. Each generation had slight variations in design and features.

4. What is the rarest Porsche 356?
– The rarest Porsche 356 is the Porsche 356 Carrera 2 GS/GT, of which only around 100 were produced.

5. Are Porsche 356s reliable?
– While they may require more upkeep and maintenance than modern cars, Porsche 356s are generally considered reliable if properly cared for.

6. Where can I find a Porsche 356 for sale?
– You can search online marketplaces, attend car auctions, or connect with classic car dealerships and enthusiasts to find a Porsche 356 for sale.

7. What should I look for when buying a Porsche 356?
– Look for signs of rust, check the engine and transmission, and ensure that the car’s history and documentation are in order.

8. Can I restore a Porsche 356 myself?
– It is possible to restore a Porsche 356 yourself, but it requires a significant amount of time, skill, and resources.

9. How can I increase the value of my Porsche 356?
– Keeping the car in excellent condition, performing regular maintenance, and investing in high-quality upgrades and restoration work can all increase the value of a Porsche 356.

10. What makes the Porsche 356 so special?
– The Porsche 356 is considered one of the most iconic and influential sports cars of all time, with its sleek design, innovative engineering, and impressive performance. Its enduring popularity and legacy make it a beloved classic car for enthusiasts around the world.

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