Does the BMW i4 Have Autopilot?

Hello and welcome to our article about the BMW i4 and its Autopilot capabilities. As the automobile industry continues to evolve, much of the discussion lately revolves around autonomous driving and self-driving cars. Brands like Tesla have gained significant traction in this regard, with their Autopilot technology being seen as one of the major attractions of their electric vehicles. As such, many potential BMW i4 buyers may be left wondering if this vehicle also has Autopilot capabilities.

The BMW i4 is an upcoming electric vehicle that has gained a lot of attention in recent months. This vehicle is expected to be one of the most exciting new EVs of 2022, with a sleek design and a range of impressive features. While BMW has not yet officially announced whether or not the i4 will have Autopilot, there are some indications that they are working on similar technology. In this article, we will take a closer look at the i4 and its potential Autopilot capabilities, as well as what this could mean for the future of the BMW brand.

Introduction: What is BMW i4?

Brief overview of BMW i4

The BMW i4 is a luxury electric car manufactured by the German automobile giant BMW. It is part of the BMW i series, which includes electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The i4 is designed for those who want a luxury electric vehicle with impressive performance, style, and advanced technology.

The i4 is scheduled to be launched in 2021. It will be produced in BMW’s Munich plant in Germany. It will be available in different models, including the standard i4, the i4 M, and the i4 Gran Coupe.

One of the notable features of the i4 is its battery technology. The car will be powered by BMW’s fifth generation eDrive technology, which provides high efficiency and range. The i4 boasts an impressive 300 miles of range on a single charge, which is comparable to other luxury electric vehicles like Tesla’s Model S.

Another impressive aspect of the i4 is its performance. The standard i4 model is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds, which is faster than most gasoline-powered cars. The i4 M and i4 Gran Coupe models are expected to have even better performance.

In terms of design, the i4 has a sleek and modern look that is typical of BMW’s luxury vehicles. It features a long hood, a short overhang, and a sloping roofline that gives it a sporty appearance. The interior is spacious and equipped with advanced technology, including a large touchscreen display, a digital instrument cluster, and BMW’s signature iDrive system.

One of the most anticipated features of the i4 is its autonomous driving capabilities. Although BMW has not confirmed whether the i4 will have autopilot, it is expected to have some level of autonomous driving technology. BMW has been working on developing autonomous driving technology, and the i4 is likely to benefit from these efforts.

Overall, the BMW i4 is an impressive luxury electric car that combines high performance, advanced technology, and stylish design. It is a viable alternative to gasoline-powered cars for those who prioritize sustainability and environmental concerns. The i4 is likely to be popular among car enthusiasts who appreciate BMW’s brand and reputation for quality and innovation.

Does BMW i4 Have Autopilot?

The BMW i4 is an all-electric vehicle that has been highly anticipated by electric car enthusiasts. In recent years, autopilot technology has gained popularity and has become a must-have feature in newer cars. So, does the BMW i4 come with autopilot? Let’s find out.

What is Autopilot Technology?

Autopilot technology is a feature that automatically controls the movement of a vehicle. It utilizes cameras, radar, and other sensors to detect objects in the vehicle’s surroundings, providing more safety and ease of driving to the passengers. When enabled, the vehicle automatically accelerates, brakes, and steers on a safe path while maintaining a safe distance with other vehicles and obstacles on the road.

The BMW i4 comes equipped with advanced autonomous driving technology, providing the driver with a smooth and effortless driving experience. The autopilot feature allows the driver to relax and enjoy the ride while the car takes care of the driving.

Autopilot Features in BMW i4

The BMW i4 comes with many advanced autopilot features, including adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of it. It also has automatic emergency braking that can detect a potential collision and apply the brakes as a safety measure. Another exciting feature of the BMW i4 is its lane departure warning system, which helps the driver avoid unintentionally drifting out of their lane.

The BMW i4 also has a self-parking feature, which allows the car to park itself safely and efficiently without any intervention from the driver. With the BMW i4’s advanced technology, drivers can enjoy a safe and comfortable driving experience with minimal effort.

Is Autopilot Technology Standard in All BMW i4 Models?

Autopilot technology is an optional feature in the BMW i4. The base model of the BMW i4 does not come with autopilot technology, but it can be added as an optional extra. The higher-end models of the BMW i4 come with more advanced autopilot features, such as the ability to park itself remotely through a smartphone app.

Overall, the BMW i4 is an impressive electric car that comes equipped with advanced autonomous driving technology and autopilot features. Although autopilot technology is optional in the BMW i4, it adds an additional layer of safety and convenience to the driving experience.

With the BMW i4, you can enjoy a smooth, enjoyable ride, whether you’re commuting to work or taking a long road trip.

Safety Features in the BMW i4

Overview of Safety Features

The BMW i4 is an electric car that is packed with advanced safety features. The car is designed to provide a comfortable and safe driving experience, and offers a range of features that help keep drivers and passengers safe on the road. Some of the safety features available in the BMW i4 include front and rear parking sensors, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking.

The BMW i4 also has an advanced airbag system, which includes front and side airbags, head protection airbags, and knee airbags for the driver and front passenger. The car is also equipped with a high-strength safety cell, which is designed to protect passengers in the event of a collision.

How do Safety Features Work?

The safety features in the BMW i4 are designed to work together to provide a safer driving experience. For example, the lane departure warning system uses cameras to monitor the car’s position on the road. If the car is drifting out of the lane, the system alerts the driver with a visual and auditory warning.

The adaptive cruise control system is designed to help drivers maintain a safe distance from the car in front. The system uses radar to detect the distance to the car ahead, and adjusts the car’s speed accordingly. If the car in front slows down or comes to a stop, the i4 will automatically brake to avoid a collision.

Similarly, the automatic emergency braking system is designed to prevent collisions by automatically applying the brakes if a collision is imminent. The system uses cameras and radar to detect obstacles in the road, and alerts the driver with a warning if a collision is likely. If the driver does not respond, the system will automatically apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

How Effective are the Safety Features?

The safety features in the BMW i4 have been praised by experts for their effectiveness. The car has received high safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

The i4’s safety features are comparable to other cars in the same class, and some features, such as the adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking, are considered to be among the most advanced in the industry. Overall, the BMW i4 is designed to provide a safe and comfortable driving experience, and the available safety features are a major factor in achieving that goal.

In conclusion, the BMW i4 is a safe and innovative electric car that is packed with advanced safety features. The car’s safety features are designed to work together to provide a safer driving experience, and have been praised for their effectiveness by experts. Whether you are looking for a reliable car to commute to work or a spacious car to take on long road trips, the BMW i4 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Does BMW i4 Have Autopilot?

The BMW i4 is a highly anticipated electric vehicle set to hit the market in 2021. With its sleek design and eco-friendly features, many buyers are eager to get behind the wheel and experience the future of driving. But does the BMW i4 have autopilot technology? In this article, we will answer that question and take a look at how BMW’s autopilot technology compares to other brands.

BMW i4 Autopilot vs Competitors

When it comes to autopilot technology, BMW is not the first brand that comes to mind. Tesla, for example, is often considered the leader in this area, with their Autopilot system setting the standard for other brands to follow. So how does BMW’s autopilot technology compare?

The BMW i4 will feature what’s called a Level 2 autonomous driving system. This means that it can assist with steering, accelerating, and braking, but the driver is still responsible for monitoring the vehicle and taking control when necessary.

While this is not as advanced as Tesla’s Level 3 system, which allows for more hands-free driving, it is still a significant step forward for BMW. The i4’s autopilot technology will also include features like lane departure warning, active blind-spot detection, and forward-collision warning, making it a competitive option in the market.

Pricing Comparison

One of the biggest factors that buyers consider when purchasing a vehicle with autopilot technology is the cost. How does the BMW i4 compare in terms of pricing with other brands offering similar options?

The exact pricing for the i4’s autopilot technology has not yet been released, but it is expected to be in the same range as other luxury vehicles with similar features. For example, Tesla’s Autopilot system adds around $10,000 to the cost of the vehicle. Other luxury brands like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo also offer various levels of autonomous driving technology for an additional cost.

It’s important to keep in mind that while the initial cost may be higher, autopilot technology can ultimately save drivers money in the long run by reducing accidents and improving fuel efficiency. It’s up to each individual buyer to decide if the cost is worth the added convenience and safety features.

Which Autopilot Technology is the Best?

With so many brands offering their own versions of autopilot technology, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best. Here’s a quick overview of the leading brands and their autonomous driving systems:

– Tesla’s Autopilot: The most widely known and advanced system, capable of Level 3 autonomous driving.
– Audi’s Traffic Jam Pilot: A Level 3 system that allows for hands-free driving in certain situations.
– Mercedes-Benz’s Drive Pilot: A Level 2 system similar to BMW’s i4 technology.
– Volvo’s Pilot Assist: Another Level 2 system that offers lane-keeping assistance and adaptive cruise control.

Ultimately, the “best” autopilot technology will depend on each buyer’s individual needs and preferences. Those who prioritize hands-free driving may prefer Tesla’s system, while others who want a more affordable luxury option may opt for BMW or Mercedes-Benz.

In conclusion, the BMW i4 will indeed have autopilot technology, although it’s not as advanced as some of its competitors. The pricing is expected to be similar to other luxury brands offering similar features. When it comes to determining the “best” autopilot technology, it’s a matter of personal preference and priorities.

Does BMW i4 Have Autopilot?

The BMW i4 is a fully electric vehicle that has taken the automotive industry by surprise. One of the main things that stands out about this vehicle is its futuristic design, advanced technology, and innovative features. The question on everyone’s mind is, “Does the BMW i4 have autopilot?” In this article, we take a closer look at the autopilot features of the BMW i4 and how they compare to other vehicles in its class.

Autopilot Technology

Before delving into whether the BMW i4 has autopilot technology, it is essential to understand what autopilot technology is. Autopilot technology has been synonymous with self-driving cars in recent years. Autopilot technology is a combination of hardware and software programmed to keep a car within its lane, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and even change lanes without any input from the driver.

Autopilot Features in the BMW i4

The BMW i4 has some advanced autopilot features that make it stand out from other vehicles in its class. One of the main features that make the BMW i4 unique is its traffic jam assist. This feature makes it easier for drivers to navigate through traffic. It offers a start-stop functionality that can bring the vehicle to a complete stop if traffic comes to a halt. The BMW i4’s traffic jam assist works at speeds of up to 60kmph and helps reduce the stress associated with driving during rush hour.

The BMW i4 also has a lane departure warning. This system uses sensors to detect if the vehicle is drifting out of its lane without a signal from the driver. The vehicle then alerts the driver through auditory and visual signals to guide them back into the lane. Another notable feature of the BMW i4 is its adaptive cruise control. This feature allows drivers to set a preferred speed and distance between the car ahead of them, ensuring that the driver maintains a safe and comfortable distance when driving on a busy highway or in the city.

How Does the BMW i4 Compare to Other Vehicles in its Class?

The BMW i4 is in direct competition with other electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3 and the Audi E-Tron. The Tesla Model 3 has a more advanced autopilot system, known as Full Self-Driving, which is currently still in development. The Audi E-Tron, on the other hand, has very similar autopilot features to the BMW i4. However, the BMW i4 stands out with its traffic jam assist feature, which is not currently available on the Audi E-Tron.


The BMW i4 has a range of impressive autopilot features and safety measures that put it on par with similar cars in its class. Its traffic jam assist feature makes it stand out from other electric vehicles that offer lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control. BMW continues to innovate and lead the way in the electric car market, and the BMW i4 is an excellent example of this innovation. As autopilot technology continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how BMW further improves its already impressive autopilot capabilities.

Conclusion: The BMW i4 Has Advanced Driving Assistance

After extensive research, we can confirm that the BMW i4 is equipped with advanced driving assistance features, including a self-parking function, lane-departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. While these functions might not be the full autopilot mode, they certainly make driving safer and more enjoyable. The BMW i4 is expected to hit the market in 2021, so stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for reading!


Here are some common questions and answers regarding the BMW i4’s autopilot capabilities:

1. Does the BMW i4 have autopilot?

The BMW i4 doesn’t have full autopilot mode, but it does have advanced driving assistance features.

2. What kind of driving assistance does the BMW i4 have?

The BMW i4 has adaptive cruise control, a self-parking function, lane-departure warning, and more.

3. How reliable are the driving assistance features of BMW i4?

The driving assistance features of BMW i4 are highly reliable, and they can significantly improve driving safety.

4. Can the BMW i4 drive itself?

No, the BMW i4 cannot drive itself. However, it has advanced driving assistance features that can significantly reduce driver workload.

5. What is self-parking function in BMW i4?

The self-parking function in BMW i4 allows the car to park itself in a parallel or perpendicular spot.

6. Does lane-departure warning function of BMW i4 work well?

The lane-departure warning function of BMW i4 works well and can significantly reduce the risk of collisions.

7. What is adaptive cruise control in BMW i4?

The adaptive cruise control in BMW i4 adjusts the car’s speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicles ahead.

8. Can I update the driving assistance software of BMW i4?

Yes, you can update the driving assistance software of BMW i4 over the air or at a BMW dealership.

9. Will the BMW i4 have autopilot mode in the future?

It’s possible that BMW will add full autopilot mode to BMW i4 in the future, but there’s no official confirmation yet.

10. When will the BMW i4 be available for purchase?

The BMW i4 is expected to be released in 2021.

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