Crossover 2019: The Most Anticipated Models

Welcome to the exciting world of crossovers! 2019 promises to bring forth some of the most anticipated models in the market today. Crossovers have taken the automobile industry by storm, providing an excellent balance between functionality, style, and affordability. With so many options to choose from, car enthusiasts are in for a thrilling experience this year.

If you’re in the market for a new car in 2019, you need to put crossovers at the top of your list. With their rising popularity, manufacturers have ramped up their efforts to provide consumers with compelling vehicles. Car manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Honda, and Toyota are some of the leading names in the industry, and they have all come up with killer models that are set to hit the market soon. Exciting times indeed!

The Top 3 Crossover SUVs of 2019

For many drivers, the ideal vehicle combines versatility, comfort, reliability, and style. That’s where crossover SUVs come in – these vehicles offer the best of both worlds, blending the spacious interior of an SUV with the performance and handling of a car. In 2019, several new crossover SUV models have hit the market, but these three stand out as the best of the best.

1. The Hyundai Kona

The Hyundai Kona takes the top spot on our list for several reasons. For starters, it offers excellent value for its price point – starting at just $20,300, this compact SUV is a great option for drivers on a budget. And while it’s small, the Kona doesn’t disappoint in terms of performance or handling. It has a quick acceleration and a responsive transmission, making it a fun and sporty ride. Plus, it offers great fuel economy, with an EPA-rated 30 mpg combined. All of this makes the Kona an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a compact crossover SUV.

2. The Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 is another standout vehicle in the crossover SUV category. What sets the CX-5 apart is its luxurious and comfortable interior. It offers plenty of space for both passengers and cargo, and the high-end materials and finishes make the cabin feel more like a luxury car than an SUV. And while it’s certainly comfortable, the CX-5 doesn’t sacrifice performance for luxury. With powerful engine options and sporty handling, this crossover SUV is a blast to drive. It’s a great option for drivers who want a more upscale driving experience.

3. The Honda CR-V

If you’re looking for a spacious and practical crossover SUV, the Honda CR-V is definitely worth considering. The interior is roomy and comfortable, with plenty of cargo space for all your gear. The ride is smooth and quiet, making it a great option for long road trips or commutes. And with an EPA-estimated 28 mpg combined, the CR-V is a great choice for drivers who value fuel economy. Overall, the Honda CR-V is a versatile and reliable vehicle that offers a great combination of comfort and practicality.

There you have it – our picks for the best crossover SUVs of 2019. Whether you’re in the market for a compact SUV, a luxurious ride, or a practical choice, one of these vehicles is sure to meet your needs. We hope our overview has helped you narrow down your options and find the perfect crossover SUV for you and your family.

The Most Fuel-Efficient Crossover SUVs

1. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid reigns supreme in the crossover SUV world, boasting a remarkable 40 mpg combined city/highway driving. The RAV4 Hybrid combines a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with electric motors that power the front and rear wheels. This SUV also features a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) that offers a smooth ride, making it an excellent option for daily commutes or long road trips.

The RAV4 Hybrid’s superb fuel economy is thanks to its hybrid system that seamlessly transitions between electric and gas-powered propulsion. Additionally, the RAV4 Hybrid offers standard all-wheel drive (AWD), making it an excellent choice for drivers who live in areas with harsh weather conditions or uneven terrain. Despite its fuel efficiency and advanced engineering, the RAV4 Hybrid is still reasonably priced compared to other crossovers in its class, making it an excellent value for environmentally conscious car shoppers.

2. Subaru Crosstrek

The Subaru Crosstrek is another impressive crossover SUV that prioritizes fuel efficiency. The Crosstrek boasts an efficient all-wheel drive system and averages a respectable 29 mpg combined city/highway driving. The Crosstrek features a 2.0-liter flat-four engine paired with a CVT, offering a smooth and comfortable ride quality.

What makes the Crosstrek stand out is its Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system. This unique technology helps distribute power evenly to each wheel for optimal traction and stability, making it well-suited for challenging road conditions and off-road adventures. Additionally, the Crosstrek features EyeSight Driver Assist technology, which includes adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, and pre-collision braking. Drivers can also enjoy standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, allowing for seamless smartphone integration on the go.

3. Lexus UX 250h

The Lexus UX 250h is a premium hybrid compact SUV with excellent fuel economy and agile handling. The UX 250h boasts 39 mpg combined city/highway driving, thanks to its advanced hybrid powertrain and efficient CVT. The UX 250h features a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a pair of electric motors that deliver power to the front wheels. A third electric motor powers the rear wheels, giving the UX 250h all-wheel drive capability.

The UX 250h also features several high-tech amenities, including a 10.3-inch infotainment display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. Additionally, the UX 250h features several safety and driver-assist features, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, and forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking. The UX 250h’s compact size makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, making it an excellent option for city dwellers or anyone seeking a small, but powerful crossover SUV.

In conclusion, these three crossover SUVs offer exceptional fuel efficiency while maintaining high-performance standards. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious ride like the Lexus UX 250h or a practical daily driver like the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid or a versatile off-road vehicle like the Subaru Crosstrek, these models have proven their worth through their impressive fuel economies.

The Top Safety Features in Crossover SUVs

When it comes to choosing a family car, safety should be a top priority. The good news is, many crossover SUVs offer advanced safety features to help you drive with confidence and peace of mind. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at three of the top crossover SUVs on the market and the safety technologies they offer.

1. Honda HR-V

The Honda HR-V is a compact crossover SUV with plenty of personality. But it’s not just fun to drive – it’s also one of the safest vehicles in its class. Standard safety technologies include a multi-angle rearview camera, automatic emergency braking, and lane departure warning.

The HR-V’s rearview camera has multiple angles to give you a better view of what’s behind you, whether you’re reversing out of a parking space or parallel parking. The automatic emergency braking system is designed to help prevent collisions by detecting obstacles in the road ahead and automatically applying the brakes if the driver fails to do so. Meanwhile, the lane departure warning system alerts you if you are drifting outside of your lane without signaling.

Overall, these safety technologies add an extra level of protection for you and your passengers while driving on the road.

2. Nissan Rogue

If you’re looking for a larger crossover SUV, the Nissan Rogue might be a good fit. This vehicle is built with Safety Shield 360, which is a suite of advanced safety features. These include blind spot warning, rear cross traffic alert, and automatic emergency braking.

Blind spot warning uses radar technology to detect vehicles in your blind spots and alerts you with visual and audio cues. Rear cross traffic alert is also a radar-based system that can detect vehicles behind you while reversing and alerts you if there is a potential hazard. Automatic emergency braking works similarly to the HR-V’s system by detecting obstacles in the road ahead and applying the brakes if necessary.

In addition to these features, the Rogue also includes a rearview camera and a forward collision warning system to further enhance your safety on the road.

3. Subaru Ascent

The Subaru Ascent is a midsize SUV that offers a host of safety features to keep you and your family safe. One of the top features is the EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, which includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking.

Adaptive cruise control adjusts the vehicle’s speed to your driving conditions and the traffic around you. It can slow down or speed up when needed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Lane departure warning alerts you if you are drifting out of your lane without signaling. Automatic emergency braking is similar to the other two SUVs’ systems and can detect obstacles and apply the brakes if necessary.

The Ascent also includes a rearview camera, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic alert to give you an extra set of eyes while driving.

In conclusion, crossover SUVs provide a safe and practical option for families on the road. From the Honda HR-V to the Subaru Ascent, these vehicles offer advanced safety features to help protect you and your passengers while driving on the road. By choosing a vehicle with these safety technologies, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re driving one of the safest vehicles on the market today.

The Best Luxury Crossover SUVs

Are you in the market for a luxurious, versatile and state-of-the-art crossover SUV? Look no further than the 2019 offerings from Audi, Volvo, and BMW, three of the most prestigious and innovative car manufacturers in the world. These top-of-the-line vehicles offer drivers unmatched levels of comfort, luxury, and performance, all while maintaining an elegant and sophisticated exterior.

1. Audi Q7

For drivers looking for the ultimate in comfort and style, the Audi Q7 delivers. Its luxurious interior features premium leather seats and spacious cargo areas that scream elite craftsmanship. The Q7’s quiet ride is the perfect complement to its excellent handling and powertrain options, giving drivers a thrilling driving experience that is second to none.

Additionally, the Q7 is equipped with a range of high-tech features designed to make driving safer and more convenient. From driver assistance technology to top of the line sound systems, the Q7 is the ideal choice for drivers who demand the very best in luxury and performance.

2. Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is a seven-seater SUV that focuses on providing drivers with a comfortable and roomy interior. The car comes with semi-autonomous driving features, making long trips a breeze. Additionally, with advanced safety equipment the XC90 delivers a premium driving experience that is both sporty and refined.

As with other vehicles in this class, the XC90 is equipped with high-tech features like touchscreen displays, state-of-the-art sound systems, and advanced driver assistance technology. These features help drivers to stay safe, informed, and comfortable, no matter where the road takes them.

3. BMW X5

The BMW X5 is a dynamic and sporty driving experience that melds performance, style, and technology together in a beautiful package. With its high-tech features and powerful engine options, drivers can custom-tune their driving experience to suit their tastes and needs.

Like other cars in this class, the X5 boasts an array of safety and driver assistance technology, making it perfect for families and singles alike. Additionally, the car features a user-friendly infotainment system and an elegantly designed interior that will make every trip feel like a luxury experience.

When it comes to luxury crossover SUVs, these three top-of-the-line vehicles are the cream of the crop. All three models deliver a driving experience that is both sporty and refined, while offering drivers modern amenities that keep them comfortable, safe and informed. Interested in taking one of these powerful vehicles for a spin? Do not hesitate, there has never been a better time to experience all that a luxury crossover SUV has to offer.

Get Ready to Crossover Into 2019: The Most Anticipated Models

With so many exciting new models hitting the crossover market in 2019, it’s no wonder that enthusiasts are buzzing with anticipation. From stylish designs to impressive fuel efficiency, each of these new models offers something unique to drivers looking for a versatile and reliable ride. No matter what your preferences are, there’s sure to be a new crossover on this list that will capture your attention. So if you’re in the market for a new vehicle, make sure to keep an eye out for these cutting-edge models when they hit showrooms in the coming months.

Thank you for taking the time to explore these exciting new crossovers with us. We hope that this article has given you a taste of what’s to come in the world of automotive innovation, and we invite you to check back soon for more updates and insights on the latest trends in the industry. In the meantime, happy shopping and safe driving!


1. What is a crossover vehicle?
A: A crossover is a type of SUV that combines features from a traditional SUV, a minivan, and a car.

2. What are some benefits of driving a crossover?
A: Crossovers offer a comfortable ride, increased ground clearance, and more cargo space than a traditional car.

3. Which car manufacturer is producing the most anticipated crossovers in 2019?
A: Both American and Japanese car manufacturers are producing highly anticipated crossovers in 2019.

4. What are some popular crossover models that are already on the market?
A: Some popular crossover models include the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, and Mazda CX-5.

5. What are some features that drivers might look for in a new crossover?
A: Features like all-wheel drive, a high-quality sound system, and a backup camera are desirable in many crossover models.

6. How can drivers ensure their safety while driving a crossover?
A: Staying aware of your surroundings, obeying traffic laws, and keeping up with routine maintenance are important for any type of vehicle, including crossovers.

7. Can crossovers be used for off-roading?
A: Some crossovers come with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive and can handle light off-road terrain, but they are not designed for more rugged terrain like traditional SUVs.

8. Are crossovers more fuel-efficient than SUVs?
A: Yes, crossovers are generally more fuel-efficient than traditional SUVs due to their smaller size and lighter weight.

9. What are some things drivers should consider before buying a crossover?
A: Price, fuel economy, available features, and overall reliability are all important factors to consider before buying a crossover.

10. How can drivers test-drive a new crossover before buying one?
A: Most car dealerships offer test drives of their vehicles, so drivers can try out a crossover before making a purchase.

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